TripKey | 06-07-2020

What is the best time to visit the Netherlands?

When planning a trip you want to make sure that you’ll have the best conditions possible for travelling. Such as adequate weather. Safety. Not in time of local holidays when attractions may be closed. I suppose there are no general rules for “best time to visit the Netherlands” or any other country as a matter of fact. It all depends on what you like and on what you want to see and do.

Tulip fields or ice skating on the canals

If you want to experience the Dutch tulip fields in bloom, you should come in the spring, between mid-March to mid-May. The most spectacular sceneries and landscapes are in a region called ‘Flevoland’. Or you could visit ‘Keukenhof’, the famous and largest flower park in the world (not far from Amsterdam). However, if cold weather is what makes you happy, then you might want to visit in February when canals in Dutch cities often freeze and become sometimes even solid enough for ice-skating.

Adventurous kitesurfing or cosy Christmas markets

The multitude of lakes and beaches make the Netherlands the perfect place for practicing water sports in the summer. You can go sailing in Flevoland or kitesurfing in Friesland. Would you rather just sit on the beach and enjoy a cocktail? Try the many trendy beach clubs in Zandvoort or Bloemendaal. In December, as the days become shorter and the temperature drops, everything becomes “gezellig” (cosy) in the Netherlands. Visit the lovely Christmas markets and delightful light festivals that appear around the country. Or shop for presents in the beautifully decorated streets and department stores.

Awesome autumn in the Netherlands

There are wonderful activities that are best experienced during fall in the Netherlands. Such as tasting oysters in ‘Zeeland’ or mushrooms in the “Achterhoek”. From chanterelles to oyster mushrooms, autumn is the ideal time to discover these types of flavourful mushrooms in top quality restaurants. If you’re not such a culinary fan and you’d rather spend time enjoying nature, then make sure you plan a long walk through the country’s biggest national park, the “Hoge Veluwe”. Additionally you could stop for a visit at the “Kröller-Müller museum”. A perfect combination of culture and nature.

Unpredictable weather

The Netherlands enjoys a typically moderate marine climate. Not very cold during winter, not very hot during summer and always enough moisture in the atmosphere for a “sudden” shower. In the past few years, though, climate change has also influenced the Dutch weather and brought extremely hot summer days, with unusually high temperatures, remaining above 30 degrees Celsius for as long as a week. Whatever the time you decide to visit, please remember that the Dutch weather is simply unpredictable.

Access anything, everywhere

The Netherlands is a small country with an excellent public transport system. Wherever you want to go, you can get there quickly, easily and comfortably by train, bus, tram or ferry. TripKey allows you to travel hassle-free nationwide and reach every destination using public transportation. You can even use it to rent an OV-fiets (public transport bicycle) and travel like a local!

Corona measures

Public transport in the Netherlands is open to all travellers as of 1 July but you must wear a face mask. For the latest information please check the website of the Dutch Government.


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