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No big crowds, plenty of fresh air, social distancing guaranteed

Small country, large natural spaces

Would it surprise you if we told you that in the Netherlands, considered as a relatively small country, there are no less than 21 national parks and more than 160 nature reserves? Plenty of beautiful areas to discover, to explore and where the risk of not being able to keep social distancing is totally inexistent. Extraordinary natural landscapes that offer not only an oasis of calm, but also a stunning flora and fauna.

To name just a few….

The Veluwezoom is the oldest national park in the Netherlands. It will surprise you by its different landscapes, the wide diversity of plants and animal species, some of them really rare.
The Biesbosch is a labyrinth of rivers and creeks. It is famous for its large variety of birds and for the beaver, its most special animal.
National Park Oosterschelde, that since the construction of the Delta Works, is a shallow estuary with water flowing in and out during every tidal cycle. An area with a rich underwater fauna and flora and a also multitude of bird species.
The Dunes of Loon and the Druden National Park, a desert in the Netherlands. The area is made of dunes formed around 10.000 years ago. Don’t miss the special sight of the shifting sands in this spectacular and surprising area with the nickname Brabant Sahara.

… And of course The Wadden Sea

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009, the Wadden Sea is the largest coastal tidal wetland in Europe. It is a natural area between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark. The ideal destination if you want fresh air, tranquility, breathtaking views and wild nature. The particularity of the Wadden Sea is that you can walk across its floor. We call it “wadlopen”. In English “Mud walking”. This is made possible by low-tide when the shallows fall dry. Experienced guides are there to accompany you on this extraordinary but difficult expedition during which you might even come across a group of seals, resting on a sandbank.

More amazing nature areas in the Netherlands

For more inspiration on amazing nature areas in Netherlands, where you will avoid the big crowds, enjoy plenty of fresh air and be able to easily keep safe distancing, check out these websites:, the culture trip,

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