TripKey | 17-09-2020

Plan your next trip and feel happy!

According to a recent poll conducted by happiness researcher Michelle Gielan, planning a trip makes us happy. This is why even though we are not able yet to travel around the world as freely as we would wish, nothing prevents us from planning our next voyage and feel good and happy about it.

Dream about your next trip

Are you dreaming about a cruise through the canals in Amsterdam, or a bike tour through beautiful polder landscapes? Have you always wanted to try on real Dutch wooden clogs or examine the “Girl with a pearl earring” up close? Would you like to visit the Delta Works and learn everything about living under the sea level and how the Dutch deal with it?

Small country with loads to do

The Netherlands is a small country but it is packed with world-famous icons and landmarks. There is so much to see, do, explore, discover and experience. Enough for everyone’s dreams and desires. So start planning your visit and feel happy!

Travel like a local

TripKey allows you to travel hassle-free nationwide and reach every destination using public transportation. You can even use it to rent an OV-fiets (public transport bicycle) and travel like a local!


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