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We no longer support an open registration for Tripkey services. Because of this we removed the possibility to subscribe or register. Ofcourse we will continue to support our current users through their travels in the Netherlands.

If you are already traveling with us and have questions please visit our FAQ or contact us.

What is the TripKey Pass?

Reach every destination in the Netherlands by train, bus, tram, subway or OV-bike without any hassle. Linked to your credit card, all costs are automatically charged. Before leaving the Netherlands we ask you to drop off your TripKey pass(es) so that we can re-use them as often as possible. This is how you also help us be circular and sustainable.

Travellers about TripKey

TripKey Stories

How did we come up with the idea for TripKey? Why is TripKey the mobility solution for international visitors in the Netherlands? Whether you look for an awesome 3-day visit in Amsterdam, or for the best weekend or city-trips in the Netherlands, or if you wish to add some fun-time to your business trip, we hope our stories will inspire you and show you how TripKey can enhance your experience of travelling in the Netherlands.