We no longer support an open registration for Tripkey services. Because of this we removed the possibility to subscribe or register. Ofcourse we will continue to support our current users through their travels in the Netherlands.

If you are already traveling with us and have questions please visit our FAQ or contact us.

What is the TripKey Pass?

Reach every destination in the Netherlands by train, bus, tram, subway or OV-bike without any hassle. Linked to your credit card, all costs are automatically charged. Before leaving the Netherlands we ask you to drop off your TripKey pass(es) so that we can re-use them as often as possible. This is how you also help us be circular and sustainable.

Dutch Public Transport

Read here everything you need to know about the public transport system in the Netherlands (including the OV-fiets – public transport bike).

Dutch Public Transport
Lees meer over Dutch Public Transport

Travellers about TripKey

The TripKey card, how did I not know about this sooner! Will apply for one again should the need arises! So easy to use! Just picked the card up at Schiphol airport and away I went, never used the OV system before but I needn’t have worried! Thanks guys!

Johan T.
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“TripKey made it so easy for myself and two friends to travel within the Netherlands. Everything from start to finish was so easy! We registered online a few days before our arrival and picked up our passes at the airport. It was so helpful not having to worry about running out of money or reloading the card while we were traveling. I can’t say enough great things about TripKey and would highly recommend getting this card for any travels in the Netherlands. Thanks TripKey!”

Kristina W.
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‘Great system, I collected my TripKey when I landed at Schiphol Airport and I was all set. I lost my wallet on my first trip but luckily I had kept my TripKey pass separate, so I was still able to get my train to my hotel. Brilliant idea. I don’t know why more countries don’t do this.’

Maz T.
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“The TripKey was great! It was so easy to have one card for all transportation throughout Holland! We had a question during our stay and emailed TripKey Team. The response came very quickly. In addition to ease and convenience of using the travel card, we loved getting report of all our travels at end of our stay in Netherlands. Will definitely recommend to friends traveling to area and will mention on the Rick Steves Trip Forum. We have only good things to say about our TripKey experience!! Thanks, TripKey Team!!”

Kyle C.
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TripKey Stories

How did we come up with the idea for TripKey? Why is TripKey the mobility solution for international visitors in the Netherlands? Whether you look for an awesome 3-day visit in Amsterdam, or for the best weekend or city-trips in the Netherlands, or if you wish to add some fun-time to your business trip, we hope our stories will inspire you and show you how TripKey can enhance your experience of travelling in the Netherlands.

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