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Why should I use TripKey for students?

Just arrived in the Netherlands and unfamiliar with the Dutch public transport system? No worry, TripKey makes travelling convenient and carefree!

  • Carefree travel The TripKey card provides seamless access to public transport in the Netherlands. It takes all the hassle away so that you can jump from train to tram to bus and on a bike, just like the locals do.
  • Bike rental and bike storage TripKey also gives you access to the OV-fiets – public transport bicycle and guarded bicycle storage at large NS train stations;.
  • Valid nationwide Reach every destination in the Netherlands by train, bus, tram, metro or public transport bicycle (OV-fiets).
  • Automatic top up of balance After you collected your TripKey card and completed the registration process in the TripKey App you never have to upload money onto the pass. Therefore you never have to worry about the balance on your card or miss a train because of insufficient balance.
  • Best buy Discounts make your student live better! With the TripKey card you receive a 15% discount during weekends and off-peak hours on weekdays at the trains of the Dutch Railways (NS; Nederlandse Spoorwegen).
  • Customized application Since you are new in the Netherlands and probably don’t speak Dutch nor have a Dutch bank account, we made a customized application process for international students with international payment methods.
  • Service Dedicated Customer Service to answer all your questions