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Why should I download the TripKey app?

In the TripKey app you can sign up, add an international payment method and register your TripKey pass. After registering you can use several benefits

  • Automatic balance top up With the automatic top-up of the travel balance on your card, you will never mis the bus because of insufficient travel balance;
  • Overview The TripKey app shows you an overview of all travel data, costs and payments;
  • Automatically charged payment All travel costs will be automatically charged afterwards on your account. You never have to upload money onto the card, because all transactions will be charged automatically.
  • Discount By registering your card in the TripKey app you can benefit from 15 % discount during off-peak hours on NS trains (Dutch Railways);
  • Update in our app you can easily update registration and payment method
  • Customer service The TripKey app has a English application process and customer support