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How do I load the travel products on my TripKey card?

After you have gone through the entire registration proces in the TripKey app, you can pick-up your digital products 4 hours after registration at a NS ticket machine at the NS railway station or an OV-chipkaart service point ( and search for service point finder). When picking up the digital products please follow the steps below.​

When visiting an NS ticket machine
  1. Place your Mobility card against the ticket machine
  2. Change the language to English
  3. Choose to retrieve or pick up your products
  4. The machine will show two products to be picked up
  5. Choose agree, the machine will prepare them
  6. A little patience
  7. The machine will request you to place the card against it once more.
  8. Your products have been loaded onto your card!
When visiting an OV-chipkaart service point
  1. Place your card in the machine
  2. Choose ‘Collect purchase order’
  3. Wait for the system to check available products:
  4. Automatisch opladen “TLS”
    a. Activeer Trein Zakelijk 2e klas
    b. Once the screen shows ‘Retrieval of products has completed’ you are ready to travel.

You never have to, and must not upload money onto the card, because all travel costs will be charged automatically. If you do put money on the card, we are unable to return it.