TripKey | 05-03-2020

How TripKey Started…

Excellent public transport network

The Netherlands has an excellent public transport network, but for international visitors it is not easy to understand the OV chip card, day tickets or other special variants. “We have many friends and business relations who live abroad”, Mick Walvisch, one of the TripKey’s founders explains, “and with every visit we heard them complain on how complicated it is here.”

A better mobility solution

A better mobility solution had to be devised for the nearly twenty million foreign visitors who come to the Netherlands every year. A solution that makes their visit easy and hassle-free. This is why TripKey was developed: a ready-to-use, contactless travel pass connected to a credit card, that gives nationwide access to all public transport. TripKey can be used to travel by train, bus, metro, tram and also to rent an OV-fiets (public transport bicycle). Since 2016, TripKey has facilitated a carefree visit to the Netherlands for thousands of international travellers.

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