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The actual TripKey Pass

Pass costs

  • The costs per pass are € 9,99 for using the pass over a 365-day period.
  • They always exclude costs of usage of public transport or OV-fiets (bike) rental. These costs will be charged to your credit card on a pay-as-you-use basis only.
  • When your travel balance reaches € 25,00, we charge your credit card with these travel costs.
  • Every credit card charge is supplemented with € 0,30 administration costs.
  • Once you pick up your reservation, we will place a security deposit of € 25,- per pass on your credit card. When you hand in your pass, this deposited amount will be reimbursed.
  • In case you do not return or demonstrably damaged the pass, we do not refund the deposit.

Extending or cancelling your reservation

  • If you want to extend your reservation, you must explicitly do so in your online account at least 2 days before the agreed drop-off date expires.
  • The costs of extending the reservation period less than 2 days before the agreed drop-off date are € 2,50 per period extension per pass.
  • You can cancel your reservation in your online account up to the pick up date. We will then reimburse you the card costs minus the cancellation costs of € 2,50 per reserved pass.
  • Similarly, if unforeseen circumstances would prevent you from picking up your reservation, we will cancel your reservation automatically after 4 days. We will reimburse you the pass costs minus the cancellation  costs of € 2,50 per reserved pass.

OV-fiets rental costs

  • The rental price of an OV-fiets is € 3.85 per bike per 24 hours. This rate applies for the first 72 hours of rental.
  • After the first 72 hours of OV-fiets rental, per extra 24 hours: € 5
  • If you bring the bike back to a location different from where you picked it up: € 10
  • If you don’t bring back the bike within 21 days: € 250
  • If the OV-fiets key is lost or stolen: € 20
  • If the OV-bike has been stolen but you have the police report and the key: € 50.
  • If the OV-bike has been stolen and you have neither a police report nor the key: € 250.
  • If the OV-bike is damaged due to your carelessness you will pay for the repair costs.
  • The OV-bicycles are always ready to use. If something is not working properly, then you can swap your OV-bike for another one within 15 minutes at no extra cost.